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BitterDB id=955
Detailed experimental validation described in the associated resource.

References for the compound bitterness help

Resource Comment
[1] Lossow K, Hbner S, Roudnitzky N, Slack JP, Pollastro F, et al. (2016). Comprehensive Analysis of Mouse Bitter Taste Receptors Reveals Different Molecular Receptive Ranges for Orthologous Receptors in Mice and Humans. J Biol Chem 291(29): 15358-77. PubMed 27226572
[2] Glendinning JI (1994). Is the bitter rejection response always adaptive? Physiol Behav 56(6): 1217-27. PubMed 7878094

Known bitter receptors targets: help

Receptor Name Effective concentration (μM) EC50 (μM) References
Human  hTas2r10 PubMed:27226572

Sensory data about the compound bitterness: help

Sensory Data Type Value Reference
Bitter recognition threshold 0.036 [mM] Reference

Properties: help

234.39 [g/mol] 2.34510
0 2
0 4
959 [mg/kg B.W.]

Identifiers: help



[1] 644020