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1,8-naphthaladehyde acid help

BitterDB id=930
Detailed experimental validation described in the associated resource.

References for the compound bitterness help

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[1] Behrens M, Brockhoff A, Kuhn C, Bufe B, Winnig M, et al. (2004). The human taste receptor hTAS2R14 responds to a variety of different bitter compounds. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 319(2): 479-85. PubMed 15178431

Known bitter receptors targets: help

Receptor Name Effective concentration (μM) EC50 (μM) References
Human  hTas2r14 30 PubMed:15178431

Sensory data about the compound bitterness: help

There is no sensory data available

Properties: help

200.19 [g/mol] 2.35050
1 2
2 2

Identifiers: help



[1] 79881
[2] ZINC000000223055