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BitterDB id=650

References for the compound bitterness help

Resource Comment
[1] Rodgers S, Glen RC, Bender A (None). Characterizing bitterness: identification of key structural features and development of a classification model. J Chem Inf Model 46(2): 569-76. PubMed 16562985
[2] Meyerhof W, Batram C, Kuhn C, Brockhoff A, Chudoba E, et al. (2010). The molecular receptive ranges of human TAS2R bitter taste receptors. Chem Senses 35(2): 157-70. PubMed 20022913 did not activate any of the taste receptor till concentration of 0.1 mM,
[3] Guinard JX, Hong DY, Zoumas-Morse C, Budwig C, Russell GF (1994). Chemoreception and perception of the bitterness of isohumulones. Physiol Behav 56(6): 1257-63. PubMed 7878099
[4] URL link bitter tasting alkaolid from nightshades palnts predomenintaly in tabcoo

Known bitter receptors targets: help

Receptor Name Effective concentration (μM) EC50 (μM) References
Chicken  ggTas2r1 30 PubMed:25180257

Sensory data about the compound bitterness: help

Sensory Data Type Value Reference
Bitter recognition threshold 0.019 [mM] Reference

Properties: help

162.24 [g/mol] 1.84830
0 2
1 2
50 [mg/kg B.W.]

Identifiers: help



[1] 89594
[2] ZINC000000001798 ZINC000000391812
[3] DB00184