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BitterDB id=482

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Resource Comment
[1] George A . Burdock (2005) Fenaroli's Handbook of Flavor Ingredients, Fifth Edition, CRC Press intensly bitter flavor influenced by food
[2] Dotson CD, Zhang L, Xu H, Shin YK, Vigues S, et al. (2008). Bitter taste receptors influence glucose homeostasis. PLoS One 3(12): e3974. PubMed 19092995
[3] Merck Index Monograph Number: intensely bitter needles from alcohol,

Known bitter receptors targets: help

Receptor Name Effective concentration (μM) EC50 (μM) References
Human  hTas2r46 300 PubMed:27226572
Mouse  mTas2r117 3000 36 PubMed:27226572

Sensory data about the compound bitterness: help

There is no sensory data available

Properties: help

678.59 [g/mol] -0.82920
0 19
0 2

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