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Methyl beta-D-glucoside help

BitterDB id=1287
Detailed experimental validation described in the associated resource.

References for the compound bitterness help

Resource Comment
[1] Bufe B, Hofmann T, Krautwurst D, Raguse JD, Meyerhof W (2002). The human TAS2R16 receptor mediates bitter taste in response to beta-glucopyranosides. Nat Genet 32(3): 397-401. PubMed 12379855

Known bitter receptors targets: help

Receptor Name Effective concentration (μM) EC50 (μM) References
Human  hTas2r16 15000 PubMed:12379855

Sensory data about the compound bitterness: help

Sensory Data Type Value Reference
Bitter recognition threshold 32 [mM] Reference
Bitter recognition EC50 320 [mM] Reference

Properties: help

194.18 [g/mol] -2.56730
4 6
0 1

Identifiers: help



[1] 445238
[2] DB01642